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PetroKnowledge Energy Consulting Services

Our mission is to be the foremost, energy consulting outfit of choice and manpower consultant in energy, oil and gas sector.

Oil and Gas Consulting

We have competent and experienced personnel with proven competence in Reservoir Management Studies, Petroleum Engineering Studies, Bio Stratigraphic modelling, and other well site operations.

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Manpower Develpment

Develop a human resources strategy or plan. Look at the big picture in relation to your business. Determine how your employees fit into the overall plan for your company. Figure out which areas of your business need the most talented people.

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Economic Modelling

Economic Modeling & Risk Analysis. Our teams of Petroleum Economists have expertise in the provision of dependable results in;. Cash Flow Model.

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Project Management

We provide professional project management services to our clients, designed to ensure the successful implementation and execution of all initiatives.

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G and G Exploration

Data acquisition is the foundation of the seismic lifecycle. It is critical that accurate decisions are made as part of the acquisition design process. In order to meet these challenges, we can provide companies with the expertise and tools that provide analysis to effectively image subsurface targets.

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Bring different parts of your business together in one place and gain a comprehensive view of your operations.

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